How to Choose Tricks on Wedding

During your wedding, you need to be very creative while choosing on the methods of entertainment to keep your guest busy. The options for great entertainment are practically endless. The following inventive tips should inspire you a great deal.

It is important to bring in some entertainment while guests are enjoying their meals so as to keep them busy and entertained. A dance performance reflecting on ones heritage would be great because people will be able to follow and enjoy. There are different dance performances that one can choose from, for example belly dance, salsa or even Irish dance.

A wedding magician is a great addition that will delight and puzzle the crowds. They can be able to keep the crowd entertained for the better part of the day with their intriguing performances. Children especially are kept so glued to them that you can hardly have cases of lost or missing child. Tarot card readers and palm readers are also some of the other group of entertainers who can keep the guest busy. The experiences from such people will keep guest talking about it even after the wedding.

You may also consider giving kids a special offer in a separate place of a puppeteer performer. Kids will love this presentation and especially so if they will have more kids related performances. Kids can also have a kid’s movie for them. All they need is a responsible person to stay with them to watch over them. This is a great idea as kids leave their parents to also enjoy themselves without giving them hard time to watch over their whereabouts.

To make the wedding even more fun, one can also rent a photo booth. Here guests can pose for the camera with the funny faces on. This should ensure that at least all the guest have a photo from the occasion that they can take carry home and which should always be a reminder of the great day.

Another great idea that one can employ is to have truck full of silly props and costumes for people to put on while dancing. Let people try on different attires like hats, oversize sunglasses and boas and dance as others play the faux guitars.

You can also have a glorious show of outdoor fireworks and ensure that they are in the wedding theme colors. This will be great and fabulous and appealing to so many of the guests.

To make the whole day a day filled with fun, ensure that you invite people for an after-party in a restaurant somewhere or in someone’s home where people will be comfortable. You can make the announcement after the wedding via the MCEE or the DJ or better still invite people by giving them some invitation cards. Here, ensure that people are able to get beverages and munchies and that all of them will have a safe ride home.

As a thank you gesture for the day well spent, you can burn CDs for the songs that were played during the wedding and give them to the guests with a note addressed to them from the two of you.


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