Designing the Interiors of the Entryway


The home, office and commercial spaces entryways need to be given a lot of thought when doing the interior designing.  Homes will require certain amount of room to tuck away a golf kit, or baseball bats, hats and in Indian homes you may need concealed shoe racks, as some homes are opposed to people wearing footwear inside. The office entryway will be less personal and requires storage for its employees mostly. Any entryway needs to be planned and well thought out, because all our activities start there. So a few pointers to the facilities you might need at the entryway.

Planning the Entryway

Footwear racks to put away footwear, and seating to put on and take off footwear in comfort

Minimum seating furniture for very impersonal and quick transactions, like the insurance and others

A table to put in multiple signatures and dispatch, like home banking facilities for the elders

A place to keep files or parcels ready for dispatch

A table with drawers to sort the mail and a dustbin for quick discards.

Store cabinets for game kits and umbrellas

The Considerations of Designs for the Entryway

Of course the Entryway will carry the central theme of the space. But, there are further considerations to be looked into the Entryway. The designs must cater to the needs of the place. Homes may require smaller space for storage considering it is only for family. Office spaces may require a larger area, to have in place an enquiry desk and a little seating for the people awaiting an interview and consultations. Office entryways too can be planned neatly to have storage space to put away helmets and other travel gears of its employees, before they buzz themselves into their work stations, with their ID cards. Commercial establishments require an entryway, with a strong signature theme especially the restaurants and spas to set the ambiance. First impressions begin here. The entryway can pronounce a warm welcome, supported with deep toned furniture for service the industry. The commercial establishment for business can use definition and lines to enhance the décor of the entryway, to initialize a brisk business tone and yet have open ambiance towards amenability.

Design Theme of Entryways


Minimalistic would be perfect for office space, large villas and small apartments with narrow entries too. The less clutter the better for neat lines and sharpness. The cabinets can be made for larger storage. The company or office colors can dominate the entryway setting the tone from the very beginning. Here featured is a large entryway the door is glassed allowing the view to the outside and minimal artifacts, a neat carpet with geometric patterning offset by the stark white walls. The ottomans tucked beneath the console at the entryway too are defined neatly and detailed with buttons and nail-head trim.


Eclectic can be used for homes and theme restaurants, and restro-bars. The eclectic theme will carry from the central tone. The theme can be executed using materials of your choice the mix and match of modern and period décor. Here the wall and the high sofa blend together with bold stripes. The flooring is earthy stone paired eclectically with the bold stripes. The mirror is the white sun a transfer of natural shades between the wall and the mirror. The mirror is made from metal and spray painted to white, the ceramic pot is painted a shade of grey and steel the wrought Iron pedestal supporting the pot is also painted white, here there is a play with painted metal including the cross-bar square table.

Inside Out Theme

This is ideal for spas and farmhouses and villas with the Zen effect. The sunshine colored door with an opaque glass to let in ample sunlight, and the pots with a mix of cane and terracotta make for a splendid warm and welcoming entryway.

The entryway theme, designs and furniture are important as they are an emotional guide to the rest of the space. Set the tone to mark the beginning to the entry, so it’s best to let people know, their footing in your space.

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